Mexico, Italy and Argentina: distances in the world have shortened and the four design teams of “The Circle Book 3” virtually met, to align themselves in the concepts and materials, and realize their work in four outfits complete with denim accessories and jersey.

Now the designers are defining the last details of the technical sheets for the realization of the garments. Following the Meidea moodboard, the outfits created will be influenced by the emerging trends of our time with the ambition to evolve into a concrete model of circularity for future generations of creatives.

Find out more about the concepts developed and the designs of the authors: Alice Rossi, Maddalena Rapuano and Francesca Mitolo di Rén Collective; Anatt Finkler and Vanessa Troice di Global Denim; Lucia Chain; Meidea Team.

In the video: The team of designers met online with Lucia and Eleonora from Meidea to review the mood board, the color palette and the trendy inputs. The outfits are now defined and are ready to be combined with Officina +39 washes and dyes and the laser treatment of Ereks Blue Matters.

Team of designers

Lucia Chain

Lucia Chain profile

CHAIN is an italo-argentinian fashion brand based in Piemonte, Italy. Committed to the environment, since 2017, their plant based designs are made by hand in their little studio with raw local fabrics and organic dyes.

Zero waste patterns, a-gender fits and slow production make their biodegradable clothing stand the test of time.

Lucia Chain’s Concept: The Land

For this collaboration I was inspired by the organic and the tenderness. For me, “home” is land and flowers. I was inspired by the flowers that my father grows where I was born, in coexistence with the flowers of the Piedmontese territory, where I live.

My constant inspiration is the earth, landscapes, nature. It intervenes in my work, in my daily routine.
My father grew our food and flowers in Argentina, which always inspired me to create from nature since I was a child. Our food and raw materials come from the earth.
The state of the earth conditions us. We must urgently be aware.

When I see flowers I feel at home.

Rén Collective

Rèn collective profile

We imagine a future where fashion is a regenerative, inclusive and collaborative force that creates values for people and the environment.

Reinvent. Educate. Network.

Alice Rossi, Maddalena Rapuano and Francesca Mitolo for THE CIRCLE BOOK 3

The outfit created by Rén collective for the third edition of The Circle Book connects to the concept of layers. Drawing inspiration from the Victorian Era’s fashion, the distinctive layers from that period become the main protagonists of this project.

The idea is to give all dress components the visibility they deserve. The focus is on those hidden layers that created shapes, volumes, and secretly contribute to forging the personali-ty of the garment we see.

The illusion is that the dress is just one complex piece, instead all its parts can be decon-structed and transformed. Like layers of centuries-old stones, cracks in a brush stroke on an antique painted door. 

Anatt Finkler and Vanessa Troice – Global Denim

The concept: Utility Flow

The look we created is made to pass the test of time, a genderless comfort fluid look, that includes basics redesigned for modernity but ensuring they will stand timeless in fashion. The use of technology is key in our look, as laser not only creates a more eco friendly wash but works as a driver of innovation and creative appearance to the garments. 

As the name states , “Flow”, is meant to explain how this outfit is perfect for indoor use, and the comfort of our own home, but is key as well to endure the hectic lifestyle of outside, as it provides an utility use and look.

Denim is key, innovative washes are explored and optical effects with the use of lasers are played with. 

Team Meidea

The concept: Free Boundaries

The post-pandemic has made visible and accelerated the change taking place in the way of working and relating to each other. This is concrete and tangible.

Our borders have expanded through rapid connections, both physical and virtual, often blurred and not well defined.

Remote work has made it possible to work in the midst of nature or in distant cities, where it is possible to have a life full of stimuli, saving time for ourselves while traveling and impacting less on the environment.

The outfit that we have chosen for FREE BOUNDARIES reflects the choice of a life as a digital nomad, by stratifying clothing, without seasonality and gender; combining performance with adventure wear.