We are ideas,
creatives with a vision of the future to drive the change towards circular fashion. 

Forecasters with a long experience in sustainable innovation for pioneering fashion projects. 

Our creative studio provides customers with a complete and customized consultancy service for the fashion world by guiding mills, textile industries and fashion brands in the development of sustainable practices. 

We offer a wide-ranging service with concrete solutions related to innovation, materials and technological developments for a better and responsible future. 

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Denim trends research: Mood board made for CALIK DENIM, Turkey.

Our research identifies, studies, and decodes trends to transform them into concrete projects, anticipating future market needs. We study art, culture, society, social changes and emerging phenomena to ensure a multifaceted vision. Supported by a vast multidisciplinary library, a twenty-year photographic archive and a collection of over 4,000 iconic garments and accessories, we continuously deepen our industry knowledge to guide our research comprehensively and in detail.


Jersey collection trials made by following Meidea inputs. CLIENT: Arkum, Turkey.

We are pioneers in textile creativity, always conducting thorough research to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to companies. We create forward-looking concepts and products that push the boundaries of textile production and anticipate market trends. By integrating a holistic approach, we use storytelling and naming strategies which strengthen a brand’s identity and market connections, always being mindful of resources and materials. In our creative processes, we adopt circular economy and eco-design principles, committing to ethical practices and maintaining high standards in every aspect of our work.


Meidea Team with Arkum technicians, Turkey.

We offer immersive training programs for corporate teams, teaching them the Meidea methods. We provide an “on-work” experience at our studio or at the corporate headquarters to boost sensitivity and knowledge. We transfer our expertise into research, design, and production to create value for partner companies. We promote awareness and skill development for positive industry change towards responsible fashion.


Infiknity catalogue and logo - Arvind indigo knitwear
INFIKNITY The Blue Equilibrium. Study of image, naming, motto, logo, concept, collection and accessories for ARVIND, India.

We create a customized, unique, and consistent corporate brand image aligned with the client’s history, values, and goals. Starting from the roots and we analyze the company’s origins, evolution, and achievements, and we use storytelling, images, and graphics to communicate the brand’s essence engagingly and emotionally. We select precise keywords and messages to strengthen the brand’s identity, carefully considering the client’s thoughts, perceptions, and ideas. This way, we create an authentic and distinctive identity, ensuring a faithful and inspiring representation of the brand’s DNA.


INFIKNITY: Indigo Knit collection designed for Arvind, India.

We develop products, style concepts and designs with a precise identity. We create evocative storytelling and naming, along with mood boards and color palettes that capture the essence of the collections. We experiment with fabrics, dyes, and washing techniques to create unique and innovative garments. We proactively collaborate with clients and partners, from the production phase to the final product, to translate their visions into impactful collections. We remain faithful to the guiding concept of the collection, ensuring that every project is authentic and extraordinary.


Lucia Rosin for IUAV fashion department - Venice.

We organize practical workshops for universities, schools, and professional institutes, where students can immerse themselves in the Meidea method. At schools or in our Atelier, we facilitate interactive sessions that include conceptual study, mood board creation, trend analysis and material research. We share our knowledge on ethical and sustainable business, contributing to the enhancement of the culture and the professional skills needed to  grow the role of responsible design in the industry.


THE CIRCLE BOOK 3: Meidea at BLUEZONE Munich Fabric Start 2022.

Through our experience, we stay committed to promoting the “culture of change” in fashion, encouraging more responsible and circular education. We actively participate as speakers at workshops and conferences, aiming to share ethical production and sustainability practices. Our goal is to transfer knowledge to new generations, to prepare them to face future challenges with an ethical and sustainable approach. Additionally, we strive to inspire and inform on conscious consumer choices, promoting a sustainable and future-oriented lifestyle.