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Listening is the first and most important action to learn in order to improve your ability to connect with others. 

As consultants, listening is therefore a fundamental starting point for each project. This is why we would like to ask you to give us your opinion on Meidea by writing us a review: we are happy to listen to you and to discover your point of view.

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I’ve know Lucia Rosin and her work in Meidea for a long time and admired their knowledge, spirit and creative innovation. More than that I love their generousity to share what their williingness to educate.
Meidea has the pulse of the market: reliable, refreshing, and revival of nature are the key aspects of their projects.
An always dynamic, sensitive and professional collaboration with a very nice sense of sharing.
A great trends and innovation company with Lucia at the helm. Always amazed at the professionalism, knowledge and commitment to different projects we did with them.
Dear Lucia and Meidea, thank you so much for our close cooperation within creating strong season trends for ONLY Blue denim. Thank you for the presentation given to our sales people in DK and to our customers at our big denim LIVE event we hosted in Italy. You have helped us moving our denim business and our denim trends in a very positive and strong direction. Thank you for the motivation in rge “Blue Club”. In you and Meidea, I know that I will always have a friend with a strong business mind.
In MEIDEA we discover the magic of creativity and science, emotion and trust, passion & product understanding. It is a real pleasure to have Lucia and Diego inspiring us and joining our transformation journey.
Working with MEIDEA has been a concrete contribution for the Circular Economy. We Act Together sharing ideas and visions. The future will be less fashion shows, less luxury and waste, and more attention to sustainability and creativity. And MEIDEA inspired us through our collaboration.
Lucia Rosin and the Meidea team have been a true inspiration when working with our MBA students and introducing them to the complex and intricate characteristics of running fashion businesses. Their contemporary and sustainable approach to fashion enterprise is key to their success.
Lucia is for us like her work in Meidea: pure inspiration and lively curiosity. A mentor with whom we can compare ourselves and in which to reflect ourselves for a communion of intentions, ideas and values. A precious open-minded look that we could no longer do without!
The first time I met Lucia and Diego team was in 2004 and it was the start of an amazing journey. Different projects, companies and countries with always the same challenge: to imagine with them the future of Denim and spread knowledge. It has never been just a business relationship but an exchange of experiences, knowledges and creativity that became a friendship relation before then everything. Today they have the same enthusiastic attitude in all their projects of the first day.
Our experience with Meidea was incredible. The level of detail and attention that Lucia and her team devoted to the project was invaluable to its success. Meidea is a company that takes time to understand your business and its own unique story.