September 28, 2023

Carved in Blue interview

Carved in Blue shares denim experts' opinions on the state of indigo and what's happening in the field. In this interview, Lucia Rosin responds to the CIB on what she is seeing and the path forward for the category.

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April 21-22, 2023

Meidea hosts Zéeero 2023

Meidea will host Rén Collective and Zéeero, the summit on responsible fashion which in this 2023 edition focuses on Circular fashion. The event will be dedicated to information and training on a very important topic covered by European Union regulations: circular fashion.
Rén will provide ad hoc support to professionals on the topics discussed through round tables and facilitated discussions, case studies and workshop.

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January 24, 2023

The Circle Book 3 in Colombia

The third edition of the collaborative project arrives in Colombia at Kingpins for the "Noche de Experiencia" event.

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October 2022

The Circle Book 3: download your free copy

Complete the form to receive your free copy of The Circle Book 3 when it is launched in October 2022.

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March 29th, 2022

The Circle Book 2: live 4sustainability

On 29 March at 2.00 pm Lucia Rosin will be a guest with Andrea Venier of Officina + 39 in a special episode of "live with 4sustainability" - a bit of a webinar, a bit of an interview ... - to spread the principles of circularity and sustainable #production through THE CIRCLE BOOK.

Participation is free and free, just mark the appointment with the live YouTube on the agenda.


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December 2021

The Circle Book 2 in SDG e Knowledge hub

"The Circle Book 2" is part of the "Case study" andin on the Partnership platform.

Now it's time to focus on the next edition and recruit members for The Circle Book 3.

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Interview at Bluezone 2021

The Circle Book 2 and its circular collection

Interview with Muchaneta Kapfunde from FashNerd and Lucia Rosin from Meidea at Bluezone Munich 2021.

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The second edition is available on Carved in Blue

Download the circle book 2

Download "The Circle Book 2" and discover CULTURE.IN, a circular capsule collection transparently made in synergy with 10 partners using sustainable technologies, recycled and degradable materials.

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Creativity for innovation

Free Webinar Thursday July 15, 2021 / 3 PM

We invite you to participate in the Free Webinar organized by Process Factory, where Lucia Rosin together with Francesca Rulli, Alice Derchi, Jessica De Cata and Dalia Benefatto, will talk about Sustainable Design, innovation and how creative thinking is an integral part of the whole process to create a product that respects the environment.

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April 2021

25 Years of Daily Commitment: video interview for Crescent Bahümán Limited

"25 Years of Daily Commitment": the fine art photographic book realized for Crescent Bahümán Limited.

A journey for Meidea Team that began in 2019 and ended in 2020 with the collection of 25 iconic shots in a limited edition book.

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March 18, 2021 6:30 PM

Trend Forecasting: online seminar

Together with Rén Collective, we will talk about Trend Forecasting: the traceability of creativity.

Lucia Rosin will guide us through the research phases for the creation of sustainable collections, presenting the creative process that Meidea uses to create moodboards: what a trend is, how to research and communicate our ideas, conscious creation, ethics in the research, the originality of the contents and images.

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February 2021

Meidea in REFIBRA's Milestones

Circularity means commitment to constant research and deep study in the technological field. It means synergistic creation of work and collaboration to activate concrete actions towards change. We are honored to be part of this team work that has marked the milestones of Refibra with "The Circle Book", bringing our experience to share it at the service of traceable and sustainable production.

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December 3, 2020: Rivet talks about our Blue-scape trend seminar

Demand for Comfort Lingers Into Spring/Summer 2022

“There is a call to action for artists, innovators and dreamers,” [...] S/S ’22 season embraces mimicry, human craft and digital technology—elements that are shifting the overall consumer product landscape.

Angela Velasquez on Rivet Magazine talks about "Blue-scape", our online Trend Seminar for Denim Première Vision, based on wellness, consciousness and an effortless approach to styling in denim world.

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October 2020: Lucia Rosin interviewed by Sportswear International

What is the future of denim production?

Lucia answers to Sportswear International about the denim future and its evolution.

Many thanks to Maria Cristina Pavarini and SI Team.

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July 2020: our collaboration with Lenzing e Officina+39

The Circle Book: article by Sportswear International

Many thanks to Maria Cristina Pavarini and Sportswear International for her article dedicated to our “THE CIRCLE BOOK”, a beautiful collaboration with Lenzing and Officina+39 gave the life to this lookbook meant to inspire and educate the next generation of designers in creating more responsible and lower-impact apparel.

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May 2020: Lucia Rosin's interview for RIVET MAGAZINE

Can the Denim Supply Chain Rebuild Business and Be Sustainable?

“I think we will see the brands that have worked well to consolidate and many new ones to emerge with values [better] suited to the new times and the metamorphosis we are experiencing”.  cit. Lucia Rosin

Read the full interview on Rivet Magazine where Lucia answers to the question "Can the Denim Supply Chain Rebuild Business and Be Sustainable?" 

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May 11, 2020: the denim future for Lucia Rosin

HEADSPACE the video interview to Lucia Rosin by Carved in Blue

In this collection of professionals thoughts by CARVED IN BLUE, we also find Lucia Rosin who tells her vision on the denim future from her home garden.

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March 28, 2020: Live conversation between Lucia Rosin and DenimsandJeans

Tough times-how are you coping?

Lucia Rosin was interviewed by Sandeep Agarwal from during an Instagram live to tell her point of view.

Rewatch the live interview.

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October 2019

Lucia is on Rivet 50 as best denim influencer

We are glad to share with you that Lucia is on "RIVET 50" as "best denim influencer". A special thanks to all of you who have supported us and voted for her on the Rivet website.

The nomination was announced on the Rivet Magazine with the complete index of the most creative and forward-thinking leaders driving the global jeanswear industry.

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