Meidea collaborates closely with the Arkum Turkish company to create fresh and exciting collections in knitwear, jersey and fleece fabric. Our focus is on meeting the demands of the knit market while prioritizing research, innovation, and circularity. Through our dedicated consultancy work, we ensure that every aspect of the collection aligns with emerging trends and the company’s vision.

Rewonder Arkum Collection: The video of the event at Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul. The team met the brands and partners for the presentation of the Fall Winter 2023-24 collection developed by Meidea Team. During the event, Lucia Rosin disclosed the mood boards and concept with the General Manager Osman Arikan.

The supplied services in knitwear collections

Analysis of fashion shows and trends, creation of mood boards in knitwear, color palettes aligned with emerging trends, patterns, company tutorship, research of fabrics and samples in jersey and fleece, research of innovative fibers for circular economy, concept of the keywords and names collection, visual and catalog design.

Trend Analysis and Mood Board Creation

To create collections that are on-trend and resonate with the target audience, we begin by analyzing catwalks and studying the latest trends in the knitwear, loungewear and underwear sectors. This research enables us to forecast future trends and design mood boards to guide Arkum’s technicians and production team in fabric developments. 

Meeting in Meidea Atelier to reveal the next trend for FW25-25

Color Palettes Aligned with Emerging Trends

Colors play a crucial role in the success of any collection. Our team meticulously curates color palettes that align with the emerging trends identified through our extensive research. By staying informed about the latest color trends and dyeing innovations, we ensure that the collection remains visually appealing and in sync with the fashion market.

Company Tutorship

We collaborate closely with the Arkum company’s product development team, providing our expertise and guidance throughout the production process. We sharing our knowledge and educating the team on the methods of research, design, and production.

Meidea Team at Arkum Company.

Research of Fabrics and Innovative Fibers for Circular Economy

To create truly innovative knit collections, we continuously research the latest fabric developments and identify the best qualities available. Our aim is to select fabrics that not only meet the demands of the market but also contribute to a circular economy. We push to explore and experiment with innovative fibers that prioritize sustainability and circularity, ensuring that each fabric choice aligns with Arkum shared vision.

Research of fabrics, fibers and textile armor for Arkum Fall Winter collection.
Certificated fabrics of Arkum Rewonder Collection curated by Meidea.

Concept Development: Keywords and Names Collection

A well-defined concept and branding are essential for any successful collection. We work closely with the Turkish company Arkum to develop the keywords and names that capture the essence of each collection. By aligning the concept with emerging trends and the target market, we create a strong and cohesive narrative that resonates with customers.

Visuals and Catalog Design

To effectively showcase the knit collection, we pay careful attention to the visual elements and catalog design. The Meidea Team studies the Catalogue and realizes the 3D mockup and designs the layout by including original photographies from Meidea archive, color palettes and concepts. Furthermore the team supplies graphics and indications to be shared to the print house for the final realization. The photos and storytelling created capture the essence of the collection and highlight its unique features and conveys the brand’s identity through captivating visuals.

The 3D simulation of Arkum Catalogue designed by Meidea Team.
The Rewonder Catalogue. The main concept is divided into 4 main themes: Emotional, Defined, Generative and Rooted. Each group is presented with the story, color palette, mood board and selected textile developments.

Our collaboration with the Arkum company has allowed us to develop innovative collections in jersey and fleece fabric that align with market demands, research, innovation, and circularity. From trend analysis and mood board creation to fabric research and concept development, each step is carefully executed to ensure a cohesive and impactful collection. We are proud of our work and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of design and textile innovation.

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