TEDx Castelfranco Veneto

We want to thank TEDxCastelfrancoVeneto for inviting us to the Countdown 2023 event to talk about circular design. We shared the Team’s experience in Upcycling and in particular of BLU’N ME, the Meidea clothing and accessories brand that prefers materials that come from industrial left-overs and/or sampling, to re-evaluate quality fabrics, reduce waste and environmental impact associated with overproduction and discarded clothing.

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The COUNTDOWN event gave a voice to professionals like us from different sectors to talk about climate change to move from ideas to concrete actions:

Rudi Bressa spoke about the regeneration of nature, Dario Corletto talked about the organic beekeeping of Adape Miele, Daniele Pernigotti calculated our carbon footprint and discovered methods to reduce our impact.

We thank Andrea Pozzobon for documenting the event with these photos and the entire TEDxCastelfrancoVeneto Team.