Outfit su manichino The Circle book 3 per Kingpins Colombia Noche de Experiencia

The collaborative experience The Circle Book 3 arrives in Colombia at the Kingpins networking event “Noche de Experiencia”, where the Officina+39 team will share the work of the third chapter of this circular project.

An invitation-only event that aims to connect the denim community with the South American market.

“We are on the cusp of reaching a next-level community with the support of the Latin American denim market and we could not be more thrilled to be among the protagonists of this moment getting to share the ethos of a more responsible denim industry even farther.” says Andrea Venier, Officina39 Managing Director.

Noche de Experiencia

When: January 24, 2023

Location: Mero Bar, El Poblado neighborhood – Medellín – Colombia.


Moderator: Catalina Marín – Denim Consultant

On stage: Andrea Venier – Officina+39 for The Circle Book 3

Tomas Navarro – C.I. Jeans

Carlos Alberto Ochoa – Fabricato

Gilberto Campanatti – Lenzing

Laura Dagli Orti – Tonello

Palco Kingpins Colombia
Evento Noche de Experiencia
L'angolo espositivo per The Circle Book 3 
al Kingpins Colombia, Noche de Experiencia.

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