The Circle Book 2 at Bluezone the circular design collection presented at Munich Fabric Start 

Fashion is focused on developing circular designs and systems, but to get to the end goal, companies from across the industry will have to collaborate.

The Circle Book aims to show what is possible when companies “Act Together.” Founded by Lenzing, Meidea and Officina+39 and launched mid pandemic in 2020, the project unites suppliers and technicians that use sustainable materials and processes in order to show the potential for circular, traceable fashion.

The team participated in the presentation of The Circle Book 2, the second chapter of a collective project gathering ten high-profile players of the textile supply chain. Merging their sustainable technologies to reduce waste production and create clothes which can be traced from fiber to finish, they have worked together on the development of CULTURE.IN, a circular capsule collection transparently made from recycled and degradable materials was presented at BLUEZONE. Viewing collaboration and circularity as accelerators of sustainability’s potential, CULTURE.IN features Officina+39’s Recycrom™ technology and the expertise of Meidea, Lenzing, Tejidos Rojo, Calik Denim, Ribbontex, Spring85, Dr. Bock Industries, Crafil and RGT.

In the video: the backstage of the creation of the CULTURE.IN collection, from raw materials to final garments.

The Team and collection at Bluezone, Munich Fabric Start