Intervista a Lucia Rosin a Bluezone per FashNerd

An interview about denim circularity

“In an interview with FashNerd’s Muchaneta Kapfunde, Lucia Rosin from Meidea introduces her newest project The Circle Book while underlining the importance of collaboration and action – and why she had a great time at BLUEZONE.”

We thank Muchaneta of FashNerd for the interest in The Circle Book 2 project and the collection launched at BLUEZONE in Munich called CULTURE.IN

A good message is that everybody can wear the garments, they are sizeless. Another way to reduce the impact of fashion is to produce less sizes, because we know the impact of producing from smaller to extra large sizes; so there are a lot of problems when you return the garments. We try to reduce the number of sizes in order to wear more people, that’s why we called it “sizeless”. Of course is also genderless because is very fluid but it is also […] ageless.

[…] I want to underline this concept because it is a more Inclusive project than exclusive. We want to create something that people can use for themselves otherwise why do we have to do it. 

[…] I don’t want to say “teaching” because sometimes it is a rude word, but I want to “share” my knowledge in a very democratic way and be able to engage the people to be part of the project. This is my way to work, with my clients but also the younger generations and the people who work with me in the office. 

Lucia Rosin

The video interview with BLUEZONE by Lucia Rosin: The Circle Book 2

The complete interview at this link on the BLUEZONE website

A frame of the video interview between Lucia Rosin and Muchaneta Kapfunde.