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Meidea’s collaboration with Jeanologia in Knitwear design: Ecological Knits, Woman Knits, Intelligence Knits, Jeans Knits.

Ecological knits

Ecological Knits is a knitwear design collection curated by Meidea for Jeanologia, displayed at Première Vision S/S2015.

Our consultancy services for Ecological Knits Jeanologia

  • Knitting mentorship to Jeanologia Team
  • Knitwear trends analysis and mood boards
  • Outfits design in knitwear
  • Fabric research and testing
  • Color charts
  • Graphics creation and laser files
  • Accessories research and realization
  • Ecological Knits concept creation and story
  • Labeling and hangtags
  • Prototypes
  • Collection set realization

The sustainable technology of laser marking, ozone and CDA is applied on recycled natural knitwear design. In this collection, Meidea Team developed two main concepts: Herbarium, which is inspired by the naturalness of earthy colors and patterns, and Eco Pop which reveals the energy of the bright palette of nature, from the blooming’s explosion to the vivacity of fruits.

ECOLOGY has always led Jeanologia Company in its path; now we are expanding the knowledge and high technology applications from Denim to the Knit world.


A new way to create appealing knitwear design, garments made with sustainable technology presented with two different visions of fashion and life style.

This collections is made combing innovative, recycled, ecological and natural knits with the best sustainable technology like OZONE, CDA dyeing and LASER.


Herbarium is inspired by the drapery of a spiderweb, the softness of the moss, the light touch of ears of wheat. We pour in the collection the naturalness of earthy color and the plant designs from old herbarium books.

Ecological Knits prototypes herbarium collection for Jeanologia


Eco Pop is the juiciness of an orange, the color explosion of a bloom, the sweet taste of berries; a fresh and bright color palette to show all the strong energy of eco-fashion!

Labeling and hangtags

The Ecological Knits accessories made by our team. In this part of the project, Meidea designs the graphics, from logo to illustrations and color palette. Therefore, each hangtag is completed with all these elements and matched with concept and main story, the foundation of the knitwear project, which describe the sustainable technology applied on each garment.

Women knits

Women Knits is a knitwear design collection curated by Meidea for Jeanologia. Outfits for the feminine world: outfits, cuts, fabrics and washes that enhance femininity.

Femininity is the leitmotif for Women Knits Collection.

Dress designed by Meidea for Women Knits Jeanologia’s collection.

An eclectic look into women’s clothing, which mixes romanticism and geometrics in a collection of innovative garments, knitwear design for everyday life.

New materials are explored in order to achieve the best look and with a low environmental impact thanks to the innovative technologies applied.

Our consultancy services for Women Knits Jeanologia

Women Knits outfits

Jeans Knits

Knitwear design. Outfits designed by Meidea for Jeans Knits Jeanologia's collection
Jeans Knits collection curated by Meidea for Jeanologia. Eco finish done with laser and G2 ozone technology.

The Jeans Knits collection was curated by Meidea for Jeanologia, displayed at Kingpins LosAngeles, July 29-30 and at Première Vision Paris, September 16-18 2014.

A window into indigo-dyed knits and beautiful designs efficiently achieved through the use of the Jeanologia Laser, Ozone and sustainable technologies.

Jeanologia See the project at Jeanologia official website
Knitwear design. Outfits designed by Meidea for Jeans Knits Jeanologia's collection
Jeans Knits collection curated by Meidea for Jeanologia. Eco finish done with laser and G2 ozone technology.

“BLUE DUST – There is some magic to the blue indigo plant. It produces vibrant shades of colorfast, fade-resistant blue dye. In the 18th century, Indigo-dyed textiles were a favorite of America’s earliest quiltmakers and patchworkers; almost three centuries after, people are still drawn to indigo. Jeanologia presents J-Knits, a window into indigo-dyed knits and beautiful designs efficiently achieved by using the Jeanologia Laser, Ozone and sustainable technologies. Welcome to “Le Grand Bleu”.”

Our consultancy services for Jeans Knits Jeanologia