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In a conversation with Carved in Blue, Lucia discusses how to make denim knitwear sustainable. In this article, they talk about this process as a creative potential in indigo finishing. Moreover, they answer to why the indigo knits are an extension of denim. Enjoy the reading at this link.

Denim knitwear carries on the concept of wellness

The vision for our future, in a world that has rapidly transformed, is to live in a more ethical, healthy and intelligent way. And this is how indigo knitwear, driven by post-pandemic demands, meets technology, pursuing a concept of total well-being.

Lucia Rosin

Consumer is looking for an “easy to wear” skill in his garments. Indigo knit is the answer to this need.

Innovation, in the textile and fashion fields, allows products to adapt to emerging needs such as commuting, comfort, freshness, hygiene, functionality—all of this using natural fibers. In this changing era, the final consumer is not only looking for the purchase of a product, but also something more important. Firstly he is trying to live well, both at home and in society. Secondly, he is looking for versatile, technical, easy to wear, pleasant for home wear and sustainable. Consequently, indigo knitwear is well suited to answer all these requests.

Do you want to read the complete interview? Click this link to find out more on the Carved in Blue blog.