We are pleased to have taken part in the event “(Sustainable) Fashion in Translation: A Swedish-Italian Perspective”, an event aimed to intertwine the broad and multifaceted sustainable fashion discourse between Sweden and Italy by promoting an exchange of fashion theories and practices in order to discuss fashion’s new materialities, narratives, consumer trends, and operative trajectories.

In the panel “Materializing the Transition: Local, Biological, Regenerative”, Lucia Rosin spoke about local production for a conscious future, giving the concrete example of BLU’N ME: the Meidea brand Focusing on the concept of well-living with based on an holistic approach and committed to Local Production. In fact each design with awareness of provenance of the materials, research constantly updated to favor those that do not damage the environment.

In this way, quality fabrics are revalued reducing the environmental impact associated with overproduction and discarded clothing.