Jenas Art Upcycle: experimenting

The artists Fabio Baggio and Franco Bortolon have merged their art to create a collection of “jeans art”, one-of-a-kind Levi’s jeans from our vintage archive and four-handed paintings.

The result of this performance was presented at DenimsandJeans India 2018, during our conference “Experimenting – New ways for imaginative creations”.

The live performance in the Atelier

“It is not an art gallery, not an atelier, not a shop, it is a workspace where it also creates culture.”


This is our aim, share experiences and create connections between different creative fields. Saturday 24th of March 2018, the artists Fabio Baggio alias Bajo and Franco Bortolon combine their art together to create painted rare examples of vintage Levi’s jeans coming from our archive. The masterpieces were exhibited during GRAnDE GRAphic DEsign festival in Castelfranco Veneto from 13th to 15th of April.

Watch the video of the performance at our YouTube channel

The photos of the Jeans Art Upcycle collection: our “Masterpieces”

The presentation at DenimsandJenas India 2018

Jeans Art Upcycle: la presentazione a Denimsandjeans 2018

The conference held in India by Lucia Rosin during the Denimsandjeans 2018 international fair was broadcast in live streaming on the official channels of the event. To rewatch the video, click here.