The circle book 2, bottoni by spring 85

Selflessness /ˈsɛlfləsnəs/: A lively inclination or love for one’s neighbor, which translates into an active participation in solving the problems, difficulties and needs of others.

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Diary, July 13, 2021

The packaging of the outfits has been completed and we can move on to the application of accessories and final treatments. It starts at 6 am with Lucia marking the position of all the buttons and dividing the garments by type of accessories and dyeing. At 1 pm the suitcases are loaded into the car together with the photographic equipment: direction Spring 85 which followed the production of all the tack, pressure and rivet buttons for the THE CIRCLE BOOK 2 collection.

Everything is ready, the punch is on the table and Chiara follows us for the final application. I start taking backstage photos and some videos to document the team at work. Time passes, but the piles of garments seem to never end. We already think that we will not be able to complete everything in time.

In the meantime, Chiara’s colleagues approach to ask how she is progressing, and something changes. It was all very spontaneous and from three people, we go to six in a short time. Colleagues realized they could help complete the job, they left their desk and now we are all involved in this process. they support us and as in a real assembly line, each one has found his place and proceeds surgically determined to offer his own contribution and experience. I also support the camera to mark what has been done, check it and divide it from the rest to speed up the steps. Nobody asks, but we all understand it. We understand when there is a need to put your hands and your time at your disposal to make everything smoother and achieve the team result in the best possible way. It is the attitude of altruism, Treccani defines it as “the attitude of those who orient their work towards the aim of achieving the good of others (or, if you prefer, of finding their own good in the good of others)” we can only agree. When you find such a close-knit and empathetic team, you immediately feel good, united and in harmony in working side by side to solve any unexpected (which, we know, are always around the corner).

It is 6:30 pm, we are the last to go out with the closing of the company day and in the car we already have the complete items of accessories ready to be delivered to the laundry. We were quick and precise and it’s all thanks to this team, which in the world of work is never taken for granted.

– Eleonora –

The application of steel buttons made in 100% re-use of “processing waste” by Spring 85.