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  • Style design with clear graphic drawings
  • Selection of fabrics, yarns, accessories and graphic developments
  • Compilation of detailed clothes and accessories datas charts
  • Technical assistance together with professionals pattern makers
  • Fit selection and samples control


Italian creativity is an essential part of our background. With mastery, intuition and knowledge founds the basis on which we develop collections.

style and prototyping
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Our experience in textile is the result of a constant investigation on yarns, fabrics and finishings.  
Textile becomes a way of experimenting new ideas; a process of creation from the interpretation of trends, research 
and customization, focusing mainly on the highest quality. Our passion and interest for denim has led us to achieve a 
uncommon expertise, enriched by a profound enthusiasm for the roots of indigo dyeing processes.

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With knowledge and experience

of style, clothing and textile

markets; Meidea offers design

and product development.

Our purpose is to provide to our

customer a piece that perfectly

originate from trends and deeply

fits into its philosophy.

We give a bespoke approach to

our clients, innovative and unique, expressed by to the utmost shades and fits.


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